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Persistence Breeds Success

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If you want to better your life and attain your goals then you need to strengthen your power of persistence. Everyone has a persistent streak inside of them. The problem is that this streak is not as powerful as you had hoped for. If you find that your persistence diminishes fairly quickly there is hope for you!

It is so easy to talk about wanting success and to lead a better lifestyle. It’s simple to complain about all the things that you don’t have in your life. Instead of complaining why not put your energy and effort into actually getting all of those things you so desire?

The first step in improving your persistence is to start thinking with a positive mindset. Whenever you start to think in a negative manner or start to say the words ‘I can’t do that’, stop and think for a moment. What exactly is it you can’t do? Or is it merely that you don’t want to do the task?

Many times, the latter is the real reason. When you find yourself thinking in this way ask yourself, why? Is the task at hand really too hard or are you tired and just have had enough of it?

When you can overcome this way of thinking you will be more than halfway to becoming a persistent person. While it is fine to take a break from a task you should never totally give up. Sometimes taking a break is all that is needed. Once you have had the time to re-energize, you are ready to tackle the job again.

A persistent person is some who doesn’t give up and when the going gets tough they look for ways to handle the situation. As you complete any task or accomplish a goal you will feel proud of yourself. This boost in your self confidence will help make you a more successful person.

For this reason you want to set small goals, or break down larger projects into smaller segments. This way each portion is attainable and will help keep you motivated. This applies to many different types of situations including learning a new skill, working on a repair at home or dealing with an unexpected event.

The next time you feel like giving up, don’t. Instead think of the way you will feel when the task is completed and then shoot for the moon and persist until the job is completed.

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