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God wants us to be productive in our lives.  Yet, some mountains, valleys, and obstacles get in the way.  Jesus said there are some things that "only come by Prayer and Fasting.  Get The Fasted Lifestyle from J Calaway today.

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Fasted Lifestyle 21 Day Challenge

21 Day Fast Challenge

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  • 21 Day Prayer/Fast Challenge Journal
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You are a Child of God

God does not have questions about your life.  He knows ver clearly, concisely, and confidently who you are.  You are a Child of God makes a great Christmas gift.  Get a copy for all those on your gift list.

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This Christmas give the gift that will let people know who they are.  A child of the most High God.   Click the button below to get your Child of God Book Bundle.  

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Want to become the kind of person people want to follow?

Hi, I'm J Calaway.  Can you imagine being the kind of leader people want to be around.  That can be a game changer in your career, business, home, community, church, and most importantly your personal life.  That's what Lead with Diligence is all about.  


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J's years of investment into me has shaped how I approach my personal development and how I pour into others.”

Rob Latiak

Debbie Wells

J's practical teachings will both inspire and empower you to be all God’s designed you to be.

J's practical teachings will both inspire and empower you to be all God’s designed you to be.

Debbie Wells

I'm thankful for the ways J helps me and others pursue a life where instead of simply surviving, we seek to thrive.

Matt Wilkie

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Lead with Diligence Bootcamp

In Lead with Diligence J gives an in depth view of the 10 traits of Diligent Leaders. 

Whether you are a Mom, Daughter, CEO, Husband, Father, Wife, or Student, we are all leaders at some point in our lives. 

Romans 12:8 tells us to lead diligently. Diligent Leaders are those who have determined to lead and not give up in their families, churches, communities, and life. They take their role seriously and have a plan to be effective in every area of their lives. 

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Child of God Challenge

When you come from a place of abundance and gratitude, your whole life will change. This course will help you appreciate life (even the aspects you used to dread), and you’ll see success and failure from a fresh perspective.

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Who you’re meant to be

We are all unique individuals with dreams and desires. As we grow, the world around us begins to influence our identity. You have been given a destiny (Ecclesiastes 6:10) This course will lead you on a journey of self-discovery where you step into who you’re meant to be with confidence.  

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