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7 Actions to Get Back Your Unwavering Belief

Oct 02, 2021


Sometimes we feel confident. And then one of those days or events come.  Unfortunately, when we’ve suffered some setback, faced harsh criticism, or gotten caught up in jealousy or worry over what someone else has managed to accomplish, this self-belief tends to fade away or even seem to disappear completely.  This is what happened to Peter when he denied Jesus.  He sat out for a few days.

So, how do you get back your unwavering belief in yourself when you need it? Try one of these techniques:

Take Stock of Where You Are

Okay, so things aren’t necessarily going well. Trying to deny it is only going to make things worse. The best thing to help you get beyond your current disaster is to acknowledge the reality of what’s going on. Only when you’ve done this will you be ready to move on.

Examine the Past

Of course, you've done plenty of things right. It can be hard to remember in the moment, though. By taking a moment to consider past sound decisions, you remind yourself of just how good you are at making them. Logically speaking, you’ll continue to make good decisions in the future too.

Decide to Trust

You're never going to fall back into confidence by accident. It would help if you made a conscious decision to trust yourself again. Try saying this out loud: "I know I am smart and capable of decisions and actions which lead to success. I am trusting myself to do so again now."

Understand Your Fears

What’s holding you back from believing in yourself right now? By examining your hesitation, you can better deal with the root of the problem. Maybe you’re feeling unprepared or are lacking information to make a sound decision. These are factors you can address which will give you more confidence.

Talk to Someone

Do you see things clearly? Sometimes we build up an image of failure in our heads, which has little to do with reality. Ask someone you trust to help you to do an honest self-assessment of the situation.

Give Yourself a Pass

If you have slipped up somehow, don't beat yourself up for making mistakes. No one can make good decisions 100% of the time. Instead, look for the lessons which can be learned and take heart. Your next decision will build on this new knowledge and will bring you a better outcome.

Keep Going

No matter what, don't give up. Wrong turns and disillusion can stall you out if you let it. The key here is to press on and do the next task and then tackle the one after that. The more decisions you make, the more your confidence will come back naturally.

So long as you don't quit, unwavering self-belief will be inevitable.


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