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5 Limiting Beliefs that Will Destroy Your Confidence

Sep 07, 2021

Holding onto limiting beliefs destroys your self-confidence and creates havoc with your self-esteem. God has said you are His child, you have a future that is out of this world.  Yet, if you are going to succeed and blow the lid off your life you must believe what God says.  You must look at the limiting beliefs in your life and then replace them with empowering beliefs. Learn to reframe the things you say to yourself by looking at the opposite.

For example, "I cannot learn because I am not smart becomes it may take me extra time, but I will find a way to learn the things I need in my life." Let's look at the main limiting beliefs that are destroying your self-confidence.


  1. Appearance Do you constantly think about your physical body in terms of what you weigh or how you look? Do you feel everyone is judging you, and this weakens your self-confidence when you are around people? This may happen frequently when you try to make new friends or find a partner. Your belief could be wrong. The issue might be how you present yourself to people and the vibe you give off. People are more sensitive to what they "feel" about someone rather than how they look. When you go out, notice how people you consider overweight or average-looking still have friends or partners. That is because of what that particular person thinks of themselves and projects an air of confidence. They do not hold the limiting belief about their looks. This is a limiting belief you can change today.


  1. Altered States People look to alter their states in many ways, and most of them are negative such as overeating or doing some form of drugs. They are looking for happiness. The good news for you is that happiness is a state of mind that can be created without using anything that will cause you harm. The first step is to decide that you can be happy, full of joy, and empower yourself to work on this. Happiness can be created in many ways, starting with giving yourself to others and looking to be grateful for any little thing in your life (Ephesians 5:20). You have things in your life that others are missing right now, such as food, shelter, freedom, and liberty. Be confident that you create the state of your mind, whether it is depression or happiness. It is up to you to cast down any mindsets that cause destruction (2 Corinthians 10:5).  You make the right choice by believing you can be happy and then taking the actions to back it up.


  1. Worthiness Being worthy is a belief many people struggle with. You must believe you are worthy of love and receive that love by giving all your love to others. Remember that you are worthy of good things coming into your life. When your mind is cluttered with the thought of "I don't deserve good things to happen to me. That only happens to other people," your subconscious mind will work in the background to make that come true. It will believe that you do not want good things to happen, that you enjoy misery. Install the belief that you are worthy of good things and do not wait. Have the confidence to go out into the world and find the things you want in your life.


  1. Fear of Rejection We all get rejected at some point in our life. To hold the fear that you will always be rejected no matter what will destroy your self-confidence. You may have a dream job that you want to go after, but you fear being rejected by the HR department and decide not to try. When this happens more than once, it erodes your self-confidence, and you may choose to give up and stay at a job you hate. Many years ago, when we were first married, there was an opening for a job Vicki wanted.  She saw the posting and decided to apply.  Vicki did not meet the requirements for the job.  She didn’t care.  She knew that was her job.  She went after it and, you guessed it, she got the job.  Fear of rejection is something you may also feel in relationships. You find someone who seems to be perfect, but the fear of taking it to the next level with them impacts your self-confidence. Instead of moving forward, you may self-sabotage the relationship by doing or saying something that causes it to end. Create the belief that you will succeed and end the fear of rejection.


  1. Dreams and Visions Do you have big dreams? Is there something unique you want to do with your life but internally, you keep telling yourself that it won't work out, so why even bother to try? When you squash any attempt to go for your dreams, your self-confidence takes a hit. As your self-confidence drops, it impacts other areas such as going out and making new friends or what you are currently doing in your job. You may find that the phone calls you used to make at work become much more challenging, or talking to clients becomes a tense moment rather than a pleasant interaction. Work solidly on fulfilling your dreams and believe that you can do it.

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