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5 Actions to More Confident Decisions

Sep 23, 2021

Decision-making can be challenging. It's especially true if you're not feeling confident about the whole decision-making process. After all, you want to be able to choose actions that are productive and wise. But how are you supposed to trust in the inevitability of whatever you decide, you’re golden?

The goal here is to increase your confidence to where you have unwavering self-belief. Believe it or not, there are several actions you can use to make this happen.

Keep a Journal

Sometimes all we need is a tangible reminder about how the decisions we've made in the past have turned out. A journal is a perfect solution to this. By chronicling our previous successes, we are reminded of how often we have done the right thing at the right time.

Practice Focus

Many times when we're questioning our decisions, it's because we're living in the past, focusing on previous disasters, or worrying about the future and whether the outcome will be right or wrong. Focus puts you back in the moment. Take some time to meditate on what God has called you to do and be.  By focusing on what you know you need right now, and the course of action right in front of you, you'll find it easier to choose what to do next and feel more confident about the decision you just made.

Get a Reality Check

When you doubt your decisions, sometimes it helps to talk to a close friend or relative and to ask them about the decisions you've made. Getting wise counsel before any decision is the mark of unwavering belief (Psalm 1).  It could be you do not see the situation for what it is. Worse, you might be lacking a clear vision of the outcome of past decisions and are blind to your success. Sometimes it takes someone who's on the outside of the problem to point out what you're missing.


If you're having difficulty deciding at all, it might be because you lack information.  One of my core missions is to always learn.  Never get to the place where you think you know it all, or you will be come a...well, know it all.  Explore the options, understand the full extent of the problem, or even go hunting for what you might be missing to give yourself the knowledge you need to move forward. You'll find you have a lot more confidence when you have a clearer idea of the situation.

Talk To Yourself

Sometimes your difficulty in feeling good about your decisions comes from sabotaging yourself through negative self-talk. It’s impossible to feel good about a decision when you’re running yourself down about it. Try consciously reining in negativity and reworking your internal dialogue toward encouragement and positivity.

Remember, change doesn't happen overnight. If you're struggling with unwavering self-belief, you're going to need to be attentive to how you're thinking about your decisions and, more importantly, how you're responding to them. Take heart! It gets easier the more you do it. Soon you'll be confident your next action will always be the right one.


If you are looking for a great resource check out "Winning the War in Your Mind:Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life by Craig Groeschel

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