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4 Habits Which Will Help Create Confidence in All You Do

Sep 22, 2021

Every action affects your life where your self-confidence is concerned. You probably already know this to be true. After all, we’ve all had those moments where we said or did something which only left us feeling unhappy with ourselves.

 Now consider this: what if performing certain actions over and over would build new confidence in your decisions and actions? Build line upon line, precept upon precept (Isaiah 28:10). What if you could inevitably do the right thing every time?

It all starts with a very specific set of habits. To create confidence in all you do, try these things:

Remind Yourself You Know What You’re Doing

If it’s easy to talk yourself into thinking you’re about to make a horrible mistake, this is not a habit you need right now. Remind yourself you know what you're doing before every decision, and you'll come to believe it over time. A handy phrase to use, “I’ve Got This.”

Feel the Negativity…and Let It Go

When we are experiencing an emotion we don't want; we tend to shove it away. Generally, this doesn’t help much as those emotions only come back later, stronger than ever. Instead, accept what you're thinking. Recognize your doubts and accept them as they arise.

Then, when you have fully acknowledged they are there, let them go. Say, "I no longer feel this way," or “That’s not me and I don’t act out like that.” and step back from it. By making a habit of challenging your emotions in this way, you'll soon find yourself experiencing these feelings less and less. 

Check All the Angles

For this habit, you're going to want to put the brakes on again. Every time you need to decide, take time to understand the problem fully and consider all the options before committing to a decision. Now you know your decisions are well-thought-out and not impulsive, making them more trustworthy. The habit you want here is to slow down your decision-making process.

Take Care of Yourself

This habit is one you should have in place for a hundred reasons. When it comes to decision-making, though, you'll find you're able to think clearer and have more confidence in everything you do if you're healthy, well-rested, and aren't all stressed out. Try adding in habits such as regular exercise, a better diet, and adequate sleep every night. 

All of these habits have one thing in common: they all require a certain level of focus. By paying attention to what you're doing, you're going to find yourself feeling more confident in every area of your life and more certain in everything you do.


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